Totally Eggcellent

EggsEggs are one of those things that are hit or miss with me. Over the past few years, the thought of scrambled eggs or omelets has made my stomach churn, but I haven’t shied away from eggs all together. I still love eating eggs in baked goods (obviously) or in quiche, and I love them pan-fried or hard-boiled.

This morning when I was perusing Roni’s recipe blog for dinner inspiration, I came across her how-to video for hard-boiling eggs and the craving hit; I knew I needed to make them ASAP.

I don’t use eggs that frequently, but thankfully there were about a half-dozen eggs in the refrigerator just waiting to be boiled. Most of the time when I’m using eggs in baked goods, I use egg replacers (like flax) or egg whites/egg substitutes (from a carton).

Whenever I decide to make hard-boiled eggs, I make them a different way each time. Today I decided to follow Roni’s directions to see how this method would work for me since it was unlike any other method that I had followed previously.

I’m happy to report that it worked out really well for me and I’ll probably use this method from now on. (Cooking note: the slotted spoon is essential for following this method.)

Having prepared the eggs today, I’m looking forward to enjoying an egg with my breakfast or lunch throughout the week. It is great way for me to add more protein to my diet without turning to meat or beans all of the time.

I’m really glad that my Internet browsing helped to remind me of something that I had been overlooking for a while: eggs! With the success of the egg boiling today, I might have to add a carton of egg to my weekly shopping list from now on.

What is your favorite way to eat eggs? Are there foods that you kind of forget about for a while, but then come back to later?

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